How Is E-commerce Technology Changing Norms For The Cannabis Industry?

How Is E-commerce Technology Changing Norms For The Cannabis Industry

Cannabis businesses often made their sales through brick-and-mortar stores. Discrepancies in rules and restrictions on online marketing often leave people without options. Surprisingly, data reveals store sales dropped by almost 30 percent last year. Yet, online sales saw rapid growth. 

Rising legalization and ease of trading are primary factors for the growing use of eCommerce in the cannabis industry. Various states where medical cannabis is legal saw a rise in marijuana users. The spread of the pandemic with global shutdowns also contributes to this growth. In this article, let’s see how this technology is changing cannabis trading.

  1. Robust Delivery System

E-commerce platforms connect businesses to customers. It simplifies the business processes and makes them fast and efficient. With a mere click, consumers can now order cannabis concentrate and get it at their doorstep. 

Marijuana-businesses are now using eCommerce to manage the delivery services. Several firms are focusing on vertically-integrated cannabis operations. This integration controls all points of the supply chain. It helps customers to trace the movements of marijuana from farms to their homes.

2. App-based Shopping

Purchasing marijuana online has become easy. Various firms are offering apps for assisting consumers. These apps provide the best shopping experiences with simple layouts and regular updates. Moreover, many small businesses without dispensary licenses can sell their products through apps. 

3. Easy Payment

In the recent past, cashless transactions were a problem in the marijuana trade. Cannabis companies are now integrating the cannabis-credit card with eCommerce platforms. Customers can pay through their Visa or Mastercard to have a safe and secure transaction. Many service providers are also offering easy payment solutions like prepaid debit cards. Electronic-checks and cashless ATMs are also becoming popular with cannabis retailers. 

  1. Equal Benefit To Customers And Manufacturers

Ecommerce lets people in distant areas access competitive products and services. They help businesses function round the clock. With better customer service, eCommerce platforms allow companies to increase their customer base. 

Ecommerce technology also allows users to shop from their favorite websites. It helps customers to make the right choice by providing correct details of the products. Customers can thus get quality products at low prices at their convenience. 

5. Medical Help

Many people across the world want marijuana to tackle various health issues. But sometimes, connecting to healthcare professionals can get tough. The seriousness of the illness can restrict the movement of a patient. Ecommerce platforms help many such patients to consult doctors online. Apart from medical advice, customers can also receive prescription medicines, sitting at home.


Ecommerce is changing the ways cannabis businesses are working. From farming to the supply of products, this technology is guiding every move. With easing legalities and increasing demands, soon, the cannabis industry will go mainstream. But a strong backing from eCommerce will help it thrive. If you’re searching for Digital Marketing Agencies in Tulsa, Sooner Marketing Solutions would love to work with you on your next project or marketing efforts.

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