How To Grow Your Cannabis Business With Digital Marketing?

How To Grow Your Cannabis Business With Digital Marketing

With the emergence of e-commerce and digitalization, most of the businesses today are actively spotted online. Digital marketing has also gained more importance due to this shift.

Cannabis products are picking up pace in the market and it’s hard to deny its popularity among the youth. If you own a cannabis business, digital marketing is a blessing for you. Let’s find out the ways to grow your cannabis business with digital marketing. Act on these sure-fire ways to take your sales to the next level. 

  1. Know your restrictions: 

Moving ahead, as a business owner, you need to know your restrictions. With this, you can strategically plan your business moves to grow. 

The cannabis business faces a lot of challenges than any conventional business. Promoting the oil of your award-winning marijuana seeds of 2020 would be more difficult than promoting any other product on the market. 

Cannabis products are not legal everywhere which restricts them from being shown everywhere. 

  1. Create a Calculated Digital marketing strategy: 

Digital marketing strategy is a very commonly used term by various advertising agencies, but have they ever decoded it? A digital marketing strategy is a plan for a business that includes the steps and means to assess its potency. 

You should create an extensive plan to balance all of your three media – Owned, earned, and paid. Owned media is the web property that is unique, owned, and controlled by the business. Paid media is a way to promote the business’s content to direct traffic to its recognized media assets. Earned media is the unpaid audience that is created by the quality of your work, in general terms it is the popularity gained.

  1. Build an organic social media audience: 

Bans on Cannabis in different regions, make its promotion and marketing difficult but possible in other ways. 

Word of mouth is a traditional yet very important tool used in marketing, the ways have changed but the idea is still the same. Looking for people on social media whose word of mouth promotion can get you engagement and business is a task and digital marketers are the ones with expertise in it. 

Social media is a platform to showcase the brand’s unique attributes, purpose, and voice. It also provides you the platform to interact with your consumers – your brand’s future promoters, and request for reviews. When you decide to take the paid influencer’s route, look for the ones that fit your brand and have your target audience.

  1. Use ad-networks that are favorable for cannabis: 

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Google also has its Adsense blocker programmed to block any content that violates its community policies. Due to the legality associated with Cannabis, google ads with any direct mention or promotion of Cannabis do not get hosted. To counter this, various ad networks have emerged to particularly handle this situation faced by most of the cannabis entrepreneurs. Traffic Roots and Mantis are the two life saviors of the cannabis business. 

Traffic Roots unites advertisers with niche audiences via a chain of well-known lifestyle sites, and inside this network, they’ve created several sites where cannabis ads perform. 

Whereas Mantis claims to reach the world’s biggest audience of millennials and it makes it by hosting ads to precise nations, states/regions, and zip codes.  

  1. Guest Posting on Various websites and blogs: 

Many cannabis strains websites allow guest posting on their website by experts who are not from media journalism or any other related fields. 

You should look for such websites which are cannabis-related and start posting as a guest there. You might have to answer some queries by the target audience on any particular topic. 

You can use this opportunity to promote your business and also insert a backlink to your website in it. This is a copybook way of generating traffic to your business website without investing money. Not to forget, this traffic will always have potential customers.

  1. SMS Marketing: 

Our phones get the most attention these days, everyone has a habit of checking their phones whether it pings or not. This opens the gate for marketing and reaching customers through SMS texts. Most digital marketers make fun of the idea of SMS marketing because they believe it does not yield business. But that isn’t true. Text messaging is a great way to promote in 2020. 

The only catch is TCPA’s marketing regulation which prohibits marketing via calls, SMS, and fax except for the recipient’s consent. For consent, all you need to do is give the customers an easy opt-out option. 

Promoting your cannabis brand can be difficult but you can see there are a plethora of other ways to promote your cannabis brand that is no different than the conventional marketing strategies and have proven to be equally effective.

Organic marketing techniques like creating an influential social media appearance, knowing your restrictions, using different ad networks and guest posting, SMS marketing, and many more, are all feasible ways to promote your cannabis brand and create a market for your CBD products.

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