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Explore our experiential marketing campaign for McDonald’s, where we leveraged creative strategies and immersive experiences to drive brand engagement and customer loyalty.

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Client & Project

McDonald's Fresh Quarter Pounder Arvest Winterfest Activation in Tulsa

Project Description

In our experiential marketing campaign for McDonald’s, we implemented a creative strategy to drive trial and awareness through promotional napkins and free Quarter Pounder with Cheese coupons. 

Our Approach

We distributed the promo materials strategically at high-traffic locations such as food festivals, sporting events, and college campuses. These branded napkins served as a unique and memorable touchpoint, capturing the attention of potential customers and piquing their interest in trying McDonald’s latest offerings. Complementing the napkin promotion, we also distributed free Quarter Pounder with Cheese coupons, further incentivizing trial and encouraging immediate action.

The Results

“Overall our results in Tulsa were great! We saw a 6.3% lift to Fresh Beef products during the AST and about 8% of that was attributed to a trial tactic – either a BOG card or a coupon from the direct mail program we did. We were very pleased with the performance of Sooner Marketing, the campaign and buzz that the activations generated around the AST.”

-Melanie Hoffman, Brand Manager

Agency Services

Experiential Services

Discover how Sooner Marketing’s experiential agency services elevated McDonald’s brand presence and customer engagement through innovative activations and memorable experiences.

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Experiential Marketing

After implementing Sooner Marketing’s experiential agency services, McDonald’s witnessed a significant uptick in brand visibility, customer engagement, and foot traffic to their locations.

The innovative activations and memorable experiences crafted by our team not only captivated audiences but also drove tangible results, including increased sales and heightened brand loyalty. By creating immersive brand experiences that resonated with consumers, we helped McDonald’s stand out in a crowded market and solidify its position as a leader in the fast-food industry.

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