Braedon as PR/Marketing Chair at Tulsa Irish Festival

The Tulsa Irish Festival is excited to announce the appointment of Braedon Kruse, the dynamic force behind Sooner Marketing Solutions, as the Public Relations and Marketing Chair for the upcoming 2024 festival. Braedon brings a wealth of experience and innovative ideas in marketing and public relations, which are set to elevate the Festival’s presence both locally and globally.

Tulsa Irish Festival 2024: A Celebration of Irish Culture Scheduled from March 8-10, 2024, the Tulsa Irish Festival is gearing up to be an extraordinary celebration of Irish heritage and culture. Under the theme, “Creating the Best Irish Festival in the World,” the event promises to offer a unique and immersive experience of Irish traditions through music, dance, art, and gastronomy.

A Family-Friendly Affair with a Global Vision The Tulsa Irish Festival has always been a family-friendly event, and 2024 will be no exception. With an array of entertainment options, a dedicated Little Leprechaun Kids Zone, worship services, and a sumptuous selection of food, the Festival is perfect for people of all ages. The evenings will transform into “IrishFest After Dark,” offering adult attendees a chance to revel in the Irish spirit with music and dance.
Braedon Kruse: A Visionary in Marketing Braedon Kruse, at the helm of marketing efforts, aims to utilize his expertise to amplify the Festival’s reach and impact. “I am thrilled to work with the Tulsa Irish Festival and look forward to making the 2024 event a landmark celebration of Irish culture,” says Braedon. His plans include innovative marketing strategies that promise to attract a larger audience and enhance the overall experience of the festival-goers.
Join the Festivities The Tulsa Irish Festival invites everyone to join this vibrant celebration. Opportunities to become a vendor or volunteer are open, promising an enriching experience for all involved. Tickets for the event are available at Tulsa Irish Fest
Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this spectacular event that celebrates the spirit of Ireland in the heart of Tulsa.
For more information, please contact:
Braedon Kruse PR/Marketing Chair, Tulsa Irish Festival

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