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At Sooner Marketing, we believe collaboration is key. We work alongside you to understand your unique vision, then craft customized strategies that propel your brand forward. Discover the power of partnership with us.

Sooner Marketing - Marketing Agency in Tulsa team of web developers, social media specialists, and production specialists
Decorative UI Stat card showcasing impressions, likes, followers, engagement rates, marketing success, and more
Decorative UI Stat card showcasing impressions, likes, followers, engagement rates, marketing success, and more
Our Statements

Building Tomorrow’s Leading Brands Today


Our mission is to partner with businesses to craft fun, engaging, and effective marketing strategies that resonate and build lasting connections. At Sooner Marketing, we prioritize integrity, accountability, and stability, guiding our clients toward achieving and exceeding their goals with professionalism and creativity. At Sooner Marketing, we commit to fostering strong personal connections, promoting respect and accountability, and achieving excellence in every project we undertake


Our vision is to become the foremost leader in marketing, renowned for our creativity, swift execution, and ability to foster fun, friendly, yet professional relationships. We aim to set the standard for excellence, integrity, and respect in the industry, inspiring businesses to achieve their highest potential. We see a future where Sooner Marketing empowers every business to share its unique story through innovative, tailored marketing strategies.

Core Values


We rely on accountability for every project, meeting, or pitch. Here's our formula: We do what we say we'll do. Simple.


We respect, embrace, and celebrate the people we work with. We like you, and you like us. We want to keep it that way.


We have the foresight, processes, and documents to ensure stability, safety, and security in every endeavor we undertake.


We like to do great work. You like to see great results. We work with you to deliver continuous excellence and growth.


Every agency decision and interaction is backed by integrity to ensure transparency and honesty in all our endeavors.

What we Do

Our proven process is a three-step journey to success

We’re more than just a marketing agency; we’re your partner in crafting a digital presence that captivates, engages, and endures. Let’s embark on this journey to elevate your brand, enhance your visibility, and ensure you always stay on top.


Look Good

Attract the right clients with a consistent, professional, and compelling online presence.


Be found

Stop hiding in search results. We make sure you're seen by people ready to call, schedule, and buy.


Stay on top

Dominate your market with continuous marketing that outperforms the competition.

Our Team

We're better together

Sydni Brown, Director of Web Strategy & Experience at Sooner Marketing

Sydni Brown

Director of Web Experience

Maddie Wright, Director of Social Media at Sooner Marketing

Maddie Wright

Director of Social Media

Devin Kruse - Director of Production at Sooner Marketing

Devin Kruse

Director of Media Production

Maria Zeron, Social Media Content Creator at Sooner Marketing

Maria Zeron

Social Media Content Creator

Serhii Basenko, Sr Web Developer for Sooner Marketing

Serhii Basenko

Senior Web Developer

Genyl IIagan - Executive Assistant at Sooner Marketing

Genyl Ilagan

Executive Assistant

Celeste, Video Editor at Sooner Marketing

Celeste Cuestas

Media Editor

Marco, Video Editor at Sooner Marketing

Marco Reposo

Media Editor

Helen Gale - Marketing & Social Media Intern at Sooner Marketing


Marketing & Social Media Intern


Learn. Grow. Build. Repeat.

Braedon Kruse, a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO of Sooner Marketing, combines a lifelong passion for business with over a decade of experience in marketing. From designing logos since childhood to inheriting a stake in the Dead Bolt Anchor Company, his journey underscores a commitment to innovation and excellence. Kruse’s diverse background, including representing marketing agencies in New York City and immersing himself in full-time work in Tulsa, has shaped his approach at Sooner Marketing. His meticulous notes and unwavering dedication to transparency drive the company’s mission of delivering tailored marketing solutions that evolve with clients’ needs.

Braedon Kruse, CEO of Sooner Marketing

Braedon Kruse



Full-Service Marketing Solutions for Maximum Impact

Explore our full-service solutions and learn more about the difference that Sooner Marketing can make for your business. Let us take your brand to new heights and achieve maximum impact in today’s competitive landscape.

A laptop showcasing a web design and web development for website agency services


We take care of web design, web development, web support, and SEO, for your website or landing page.

A person holding a phone with social media to represent Sooner Marketing Social Media services for Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, Tiktok marketing, LinkedIn marketing, and Pinterest marketing

Social Media

We handle the set up and management of your social media presence on all the biggest platforms.

Sooner Marketing production service camera rig set up


We take photos and videos from every angle. Then, we edit them into professional assets for your business.

Sooner Marketing's Marketing and Advertising Services in Tulsa

Marketing & Advertising

Whether traditional or digital, we’re here to help you maximize your reach with strategic marketing and advertising.

A group of graphic designers looking over logo designs and brand guidelines for Sooner Marketing's Creative Services

Creative Design

From logos to business cards, we help you build a voice for your brand with creative digital and print services.

A Trade Show Event from Experiential Marketing Services by Sooner Marketing


We craft immersive brand experiences that resonate with your target audiences and leave a long-lasting impact.


Our Clients & Partners

We collaborate with a diverse network of local and national partners to deliver unparalleled solutions, ensuring our clients achieve optimal business growth and success.