Clutch Names Sooner Marketing Solutions as a 2021 Top Marketing Company in Oklahoma

Clutch Names Sooner Marketing Solutions as a 2021 Top Marketing Company in Oklahoma

Marketing is often a balancing act that’s easy to get wrong. This is why our focus since 2012 has been to ensure that we provide our clients with transparency and trust.

Our focus is now paying dividends as we’ve recently been awarded as the 2021 Top Marketing Company in Oklahoma by Clutch.

For those unfamiliar with their work, Clutch is an independent online reviews and ratings platform that specifically caters to the B2B industry. They use a unique verification process that allows them to determine whether the information sent to them comes from authentic sources. The premium they put on transparency is something we have in common.

After an entry successfully makes it through their process, they publish it on their platform in the form of a review. These reviews form the baseline of their research methodology in determining the top performing companies in every industry.

After going through all of the variables and factors that they’ve collected in the last year, the Clutch 2021 research says that Twisthink is the best in Oklahoma. This is what our management team had to say when we got the news.

“Sooner Marketing is ecstatic to be awarded Oklahomas Top Marketing Firm! “With great power, comes great responsibility” We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. At Sooner Marketing Solutions we dare to question the status quo, we share openly and are remarkably transparent.” – Braedon Kruse, CEO of Sooner Marketing Solutions.

Because of how the Clutch criteria is structured, this award would not be possible without our client. For this reason we want to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and partners that took the time to leave a review on Clutch on our behalf.

If you’re done being burned by other marketing agencies and want to partner with a team that will give you straight answers, contact us today.

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