2022 Tulsa Home and Garden Show

2022 Tulsa Home & Gardn Show

Overall the Tulsa Home & Garden Show in March was a major success! Based on the conversations we had with multiple vendors and clients of our own. Through this article we wanted to highlight a few vendors that attended the show, so that when you want to bring your business to show, you can see what others have done. 

The Greater Tulsa Home & Garden Show is where you check off your home improvement list! Oklahoma’s LARGEST home and garden products trade show has more than 300 exhibitors, offering everything you need for your home improvement project. It is THE home improvement event of the year and one that you don’t want to miss!

Anthem Homes and Anthem Pools

The Anthem Homes and Anthem Pools setup in a 10×20 booth space where both companies could compliment each other in discussions with potential businesses. Their setup was quite simple, but made a huge impression and they gained new business from it. They setup 2 tables each with a 6′ customized table cloth, a TV behind to showcase projects, and above the space was a ceiling banner.


This 10×10 space was perfectly optimized! We loved the branded 10×10 tent for additional brand exposure, the orange color stood out and made this space easily visible. The custom 6′ stretch table cloth with a clean design to only include the logo and their tagline looks great. Last but not least, their call to action on the free standing x banner on the right corner of the space is also a nice touch as it let people know exactly what they are offering,

Vista Pools

The mini pools are so cool! They allowed potential customers to see, touch, and feel the new pool they could have in their backyard. Behind them were 2 free standing 2 banners showcasing all of the different shapes and styles of pools they can build. The table cloths were drapped over with a single logo design and tag line, matching well with the step and repeat background. 

Pole Barns

One of the best things that you can do at shows like this is showcase what the service/product actually looks like. In their 10×10 both, they built a couple of small pole barns along with a miniature pole barn.

AART Construction

One of the BEST setups at the show was AART Construction. This space was aprox 10×30 with plenty of space to showcase what they offer (as you can see). They did a great job showcasing their services by bringing in demo structure, branded table cloth, swag, and more. 


This company is quite a large brand. With approximately  20×20, plenty of product demo, and a ceiling drop to easily find the booth space. 

Culligan Water

They had one of the best spaces at the show! The coolest thing they had was what looked like a magical water spout coming out of the air (don’t let it creep you out, there is a secret tube that brings the water up to the spout). Their background was lit up with their logo facing (pretty fancy!). They had plenty of water to go around. 

Moonlit Gallery

Their 10×10 booth space not only offered a lot of photos of their work, but they actually had a pergola with some of their best lighting options. Checkout the video!

A-Best Roofing

This company predominantly services the Tulsa and surrounding areas. With hearing them on the radio, seeing the billboards, and their trucks around town, they must be at this show. They were the only roofing company that stood out at the show. The ceiling dropdown sign made it easy to find. 

Jack Wills Outdoor Living

Another impressive booth space with plenty of patio products that customers could look at and start their dream outdoor living. 

Survival Zone

Ah yes, the “Survival Zone” is such a cool name! Just because they didnt bring a fancy table cloth, they certainly had fancy signage. Those pillars you see are a metal like materal, and to make their booth easier to find, a ceilign drop down sign. 

Grass Hopper

This booth space was very nice. Love the custom flooring they did along with a handful of demos, a TV playing commercials, and a free standing x banner with their brand. 

DRS Drywall

The background of this booth space is pretty cool. It gave me the construction vibes that goes along with their company, and a simple podium with their logo. 


The Tragear booth was one of the largest. As you walk near this booth you definitely know where you are. I could smell the brisket smoking! (not literally lol). They had A LOT of grills out on display. 

I hope this has given you an idea of what the Tulsa Home & Garden Show has to offer businesses and cosumers, and helped you get an idea of what you want to do at the next show. 

If you’re looking for help getting setup, give us a call! We’ve helped small businesses and enterprise companies display their products and services at many shows.