Navigating IT and Cybersecurity: Perception vs. Reality

Navigating IT and Cybersecurity
Perception Vs. Reality

Welcome to Navigating IT and Cybersecurity, the podcast that explores the world of information technology and cybersecurity. In today’s episode, we’re joined by Jim Herron, the CEO of Hummingbird Tech, to discuss the importance of understanding the reality of technology in business. We’ll be covering topics like cost, data storage, risk, and outsourcing, and how they impact business operations. 
Segment 1: Does Your Tech Support Your Business? In this segment, we’ll be discussing how technology should align with your business goals and operations. We’ll talk about the importance of assessing whether the current tech solution is supporting what the business does best, and how to identify areas for improvement. Jim will provide insights and advice on how to evaluate your tech needs and make informed decisions.

Segment 2: Cost and Data Storage In this segment, we’ll talk about the cost of technology and how to determine if you’re spending too much. We’ll also explore data storage options, including cloud-based solutions, and the importance of data security. Jim will share his experience in managing costs and data storage for businesses and offer tips on how to stay within budget.

Segment 3: Risk and Outsourcing In this segment, we’ll discuss the risks involved in technology and how to manage them. We’ll talk about the impact of downtime and the importance of having a contingency plan. We’ll also    explore the option of outsourcing IT operations and the benefits and drawbacks that come with it. Jim will provide his expertise on managing risk and outsourcing for businesses.

Segment 4: Customer Expectations in a Digital World In this segment, we’ll discuss how technology can help businesses meet customer expectations in a digital world. We’ll talk about how technology can be used to create personalized experiences for customers and improve customer engagement. Jim will share his insights on how to leverage technology to exceed customer expectations.



As we wrap up today’s episode, we want to thank Jim Herron for joining us and sharing his insights on navigating IT and cybersecurity. We hope you’ve gained valuable insights into the reality of technology in business and how it can impact your operations. Remember to assess your tech needs and make informed decisions to ensure your business stays competitive. And, we’d like to give a special thanks to Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing for supplying us with beer on this episode. Tune in next time for more on navigating IT and cybersecurity.

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