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Explore how Sooner Marketing brings decades of excavation mastery to life with stunning visuals and powerful marketing, showcasing the depth and precision of Barnhart Excavating.


About Barnhart Excavating

Barnhart Excavating boasts a rich heritage of over 75 years in the excavation business, making them stalwarts in their field. Rooted in a tradition of excellence and reliability, they offer comprehensive excavation services backed by generations of expertise. Barnhart Excavating is dedicated to delivering high-quality, precise workmanship on every project, from small residential jobs to large commercial endeavors, ensuring that the legacy of the Barnhart family continues to be synonymous with integrity and quality.


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When Barnhart Excavating partnered with Sooner Marketing, our primary objective was to amplify their brand exposure through the power of social media. We focused on leveraging stunning photography and video production to highlight the precision and scope of Barnhart’s excavation services. By capturing the essence of their work in a visually compelling manner, we’ve not only enhanced their online presence but also enriched their brand narrative.


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