P&M Truck Service

Explore how Sooner Marketing redefined P&M Truck Repair and Wash’s digital footprint through a dynamic website, engaging video content, professional photography, and targeted Google advertising. Discover the strategic transformation that enhanced their online presence and amplified their reach to potential customers effectively.

About P&M Truck Service

With years of experience serving the trucking industry, P&M Truck Repair and Wash ensures all customer requirements are met swiftly to get trucks back on the road in no time. Whether simple tire repairs or replacements or more complex services such as computer diagnostics, repairs, inspections, and preventive maintenance, their team of certified technicians is equipped to handle all needs, minimizing downtime.

Services We Provided

Project Description

Sooner Marketing partnered with P&M Truck Repair and Wash to revamp their digital presence and enhance their marketing efforts. We designed and developed a modern, user-friendly website that effectively showcases their wide range of services and expertise. Our video production and photography services captured the essence of their operations, highlighting the skill and dedication of their team. To drive targeted traffic and increase visibility, we implemented strategic Google advertising campaigns, ensuring that P&M Truck Repair and Wash reached their ideal audience.

Our comprehensive approach not only improved their online presence but also reinforced their brand identity and commitment to excellence.


Web Design & Development Snapshots

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Responsive website mockup for P&M

Videography Snapshots


Photography Snapshots