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Sooner Marketing developed an engaging online platform that not only highlights the festive spirit of Shamrock’s St. Patrick’s Day event, but also facilitates its management and communication.

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Shamrock the Rose District is an annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration held in the Rose District, dedicated to bringing the community together with music, food, and fun. The event proudly supports Soldier’s Wish and Eagle OPS, organizations committed to assisting veterans. Through this festive gathering, Shamrock the Rose District aims to generate awareness and support for these causes while offering a day of enjoyment for families and community members.


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Sooner Marketing has revolutionized the online presence for Shamrock the Rose District by creating a brand new website equipped with an advanced event management system. This system is designed to streamline the organization and promotion of the event, enabling easy updates, participant registration, and real-time communication with attendees. For the first time, the organizers can efficiently manage event details, track attendance, and engage with the community directly from the website.

The inclusion of an event management system not only simplifies logistical operations but also enhances the overall user experience, ensuring that both organizers and attendees can focus on enjoying the celebration.


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