Tomás Sullivent

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About Tomás Sullivent

Tomás Sullivent introduces a revolutionary category in footwear, focusing on ergonomic design with zero drop and wide toe box features. These design elements encourage a natural foot posture, enhancing comfort and promoting healthier walking and standing habits. Aimed at combining style with practicality, Tomás Sullivent footwear is crafted to meet the needs of active individuals who value both professional aesthetics and orthopedic health.


Services We Provided

Project Description

Sooner Marketing provided a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services for Tomás Sullivent, starting with the creation of a sleek e-commerce website that not only showcases their products but also facilitates an intuitive shopping experience. Our team also produced engaging content, including high-quality product photography and promotional videos, to vividly highlight the unique features of their footwear.

Social media management and targeted advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads have been implemented to increase brand visibility and drive sales. These efforts have successfully positioned Tomás Sullivent as a leader in innovative footwear solutions, significantly boosting their market presence and consumer engagement.


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