University of Tulsa

Through high-quality photography and dynamic drone production, Sooner Marketing captured the vibrant campus life and academic excellence that define the University of Tulsa.

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About The University of Tulsa

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The University of Tulsa is a renowned educational institution known for its rigorous academics and vibrant campus culture. In our partnership, we aimed to visually encapsulate the essence of the university, showcasing the energy and the environment that fosters educational and personal growth for its students.


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Project Description

Sooner Marketing’s engagement with the University of Tulsa involved a comprehensive visual project utilizing state-of-the-art photography and drone technology. Our objective was to create a series of captivating images and videos that highlight the university’s facilities, student activities, and campus events.

These visuals not only serve as a testament to the university’s dynamic community but also function as essential tools in their marketing and promotional strategies, attracting prospective students and showcasing the university’s expansive offerings.


Videography Snapshots