How To Create A Facebook Business Page

How to Create A Facebook Business Page

How to Create A Facebook Business Page

Whether you own a business or a part of a brand or organization, you are going to want to make a Facebook Page if you’re going to make any connections. Facebook Pages are similar to Facebook Profiles in that they can be customized with similar features such as Facebook Stories.

Statistically speaking, creating a Facebook Business Page is very beneficial to help build brand awareness as well as helping to generate sales. There are over two billion active users on the platform, making it an essential tool for any business owner. The chances are that with that large number of active users, your competitors are also taking advantage of this tool. Some statistics show how Facebook is being used by these users that will help your business once you create your Page.

Follow these steps to get started on your Facebook Page!

Log Into Your Facebook

To create a Facebook Page, you need to have a personal Facebook account. When you log into your personal Facebook account, you will see “create” in the top right portion of your page.

Step 1 to creating a Facebook Page.

Once you click on “create,” you will choose “page” from the drop-down menu.

You will then have the option to choose your “page category.” Choose the option that best suits your situation. In this case, we will select “business or brand.”

In this next step, you will insert your business name and category. If you are unsure of what “category” your business is, choose a keyword, once you begin typing a menu of possible categories will appear that you can choose from. Once you are satisfied, you can click on “continue.” 

Uploading Pictures

The next step involves uploading your Facebook page’s “profile picture” and “cover photo.” When choosing these pictures, it is essential to make a visual impression.

Larger businesses will use their company’s logo for their profile picture, while smaller companies will use an outdoor image of their location. Keep in mind that the image will be cropped to a circle, so keep the main point of the image you will use to the center.

This image accompanies your business name in search results and when you interact with users, and also appears on the top left of your Facebook Page.

The cover photo will be the most prominent image on your page. It will very likely be the very first thing that users will see when clicking on your page. Again, be sure to choose a visually appealing image and an image that represents your business and your brand.

You Have a Facebook Page!

You have now created a Facebook Page! In actuality, what you have is the beginning of a Facebook Page, there are still some additional steps you will need to take to have a complete page.

*Note: Once you have chosen a profile and cover photo for your page, Facebook will offer a little tutorial for your new business page. If this is your first Business Page, it is recommended that you follow the prompts so that you are aware of your pages features. 

Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Facebook will give you the option to invite friends from your existing personal account to like your new page. Take this opportunity to build a good fan base. Inviting your friends to like your page, will help to spread the word on the existence of your new page.

Add More Details About your Business

In the left-hand menu, there is the “about” section. This area is where you will insert information that will inform users about your business. This information includes your products or menu, your website, hours, and contact information.

Facebook is often the very first place a customer will go to get information about your business. It is vital that you fill out all of the relevant information in this section.

The “Our Story” section of the page allows you to add a more detailed description of what your business offers. Here you can also provide a compelling reason as to why they should like and engage with your page.

The “team members” section of the page enables you to choose other users who will also have the ability to manage your page.

Create your First Post

You can create your own post or share content from other sources. Whichever you decide, keep in mind that the content should be relevant to your business and industry. It should also offer enough value to any visitors that should click on your page.

For this post and future posts, it is crucial to post content that will encourage users to:

  • a. Click on your page
  • b. Engage with your page and posts.

Start Engaging

Do not rely solely on people finding your page organically. Again, invite friends and family to like your page, they will help to build a fan base. Be sure to use other platforms to promote your page as well.

If you have a website, Twitter, Instagram, etc. use those platforms to encourage people to not only visit your page but to like it as well. Add Follow Us to any promotional material you may have for your business.

The amount of engagement that you do on your page will be an essential factor in the success of your page. If you do not consistently create posts or engage with followers who interact with your page, it may discourage people from liking your page or even your business.

A Facebook business page gives businesses a professional presence on Facebook that allows them to connect with customers on a personal level as well as reach new ones. It is free to create and very easy to set up. The success of the page in the future will all depend on

  1. How often you post to the page.
  2. How much engagement you do. 
  3. How you promote your page.

There are many other factors, of course, that can affect how successful or unsuccessful your page will do. There are some tips that may help with the success of your page. If you have questions or need help, reach out and ask or leave a comment below!

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