How To Get More Facebook Reviews (Without Even Asking)

How to Get More Facebook Reviews
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Do you want more Facebook Reviews? If so (and I hope so) then listen up. 

In this post, I’ll share how to get more Facebook Reviews without asking for them (especially if you are a location-based business)

I’ll also share a bunch of ways you can ask for reviews – the right way – so your loyal fans and customers will be happy to give a positive review for you. 

So, let me get straight to the point. If you have a location-based business, this post will help you immensely with getting more Facebook Reviews, especially the first tip below.

But even if you are not location-based (and don’t have a physical location) there are plenty of ways to get Facebook reviews… positive reviews, that is.

So be sure to read on below to grab all the tips. But here’s the big tip.  Are you ready?

It’s insanely simple and you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it earlier.

The Secret To More Facebook Reviews (Without Asking For Them)

Have you ever heard of check-ins on Facebook?  You “check in” at a location using geotagging on Facebook and Facebook shares that “location tag” with your post.

I recently checked into a Hotel in the tiny town of Wayne, in rural Alberta.

Without turning this into a travel blog, I can safely say that the “Last Chance Saloon” might well have been one of my favorite travel experiences. Our Family loved it!

After a day in the Badlands of Alberta, exploring the amazing landscape, hoodoos and world-class dinosaur museum and fossils, we decided to take a drive to this little “saloon” after it was recommended to us.

When we walked into the pub, we were greeted by every person in the pub, the place was so much fun.

From the friendly locals and staff to the cook-your-own-steak meal, the outdoor bar with riding saddles for stools and a main-bar filled with wild-west style memorabilia…we had a great night of laughs, shuffleboard, great food, and pool.

So… I checked in on Facebook. Here it is:

Checking in at the Last Chance Saloon lead to Facebook asking for a review. How to Get More Facebook Reviews (without asking)

And guess what?

The very next day, Facebook sends me this…

Review reminder from Facebook - How to Get More Facebook Reviews (without asking)

Facebook asked me to review the business based on my check-in (the business owner didn’t need to do a thing!).

So what did I do?  You bet I reviewed them… very positively!

Giving a Facebook Review - How to get more Facebook Reviews (without even asking)

Now, I’m a social media strategist so I like to check into places I love – especially in the tourism industry.

I knew that Facebook would ask me to review Last Chance Saloon, as I have received this request before (and I comply every time!)

I even chatted with the Manager, Paula, about how to focus on asking people to check in… oh did I mention they have WiFi there too?  You can’t get phone reception at the Last Chance Saloon, but they are smart enough to know they want people to post about their visit.

She didn’t know about the check-in =>> review hack.

Now she does, and so do you.

But here’s the best bit. You don’t have to ASK your customers to review you.

You just have to ask them to check in.  Do you think that someone who bothers to check in already loves you?

Heck, Yes!

I was a speaker at a Tourism conference a few years ago and Sophie Bone, the owner of a successful Australian caravan and camping resort said this:

“Nobody checks into a place they’re not proud of” – Sophie Bone.

Never a truer word was spoken. We check in because we love something or want our friends to see it.  You have to be happy to BE there to do that, right?

And, It’s MUCH easier to ask someone to check in than it is to ask for them for a review. Facebook (often) will do the rest.

Is this a Standard Facebook Function?

I can’t say for sure, but yes, it seems so.

I have seen it work at least a half dozen times when I check in. But it’s Facebook, so it might change as they change functionality all the time.

But isn’t it worth a shot?

Here’s what I recommend you do;   Test It!

The next time you are at a business, attraction, accommodation or restaurant in your local area, see what happens when you check in on Facebook.

Facebook may ask you to review the business 1-2 days afterward.  Then you’ll know whether it’s worth doing for your own business.

To recap, here are the steps to follow:

How To Get More Facebook Reviews

Step 1:  Encourage your visitors or customers to check in.

Step 2:  Facebook will send them a reminder to write a review (usually a day later)

Step 3:  Your customer will (hopefully) review your business.  After all, they just checked in, so there is positive affinity with your business already!

It’s as easy as that!

How To Ask For Check-Ins On Facebook

Most people will check in because they love you but human nature is such that we also can benefit from a gentle reminder. Don’t be afraid to remind them that you would love them to check in!

It may help to offer some incentive such as:

  • asking them to check in for access to your WiFi password.
  • giving them a free upgrade – maybe a larger coffee.
  • offering a small discount or voucher if they check in.

But in reality, people check in because they want their friends to know about it. That should be incentive enough but a verbal reminder or sign at your place of business may help to ensure they do it when on location at your business.

Let me know if it works for you!

If it doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, because:

1  It’s still worth encouraging check-ins as above because when someone checks in, their friends are shown the activity on their newsfeeds. Free marketing, right?

2  There are still some easy ways for you to encourage Facebook Reviews:

How To Ask For Recommendations On Facebook

If the “check-in hack” doesn’t work then here are a few ways you can ask for Facebook Reviews:

  • Ask for Facebook Reviews via email if you have an interactive, nurturing email marketing strategy.  This is especially effective if you have a physical place of business as you can send them an email after they purchase or join your email list. Remember to include the link to your Facebook Page.
  • Put up physical signs and reminders in your place of business – about Checking In and/or Facebook Reviews.
  • If you are going to ask – either verbally or otherwise, make it clear that it is a choice.  Say something like “Love us? We’d love your Facebook Review”.
  • Be careful about offering incentives for Facebook Reviews. There are often regulations in different countries for incentivizing reviews and it may not be allowed.  Please check your own country and local region for what you can and can’t do. Remember, check-ins are easier to request.
  • Offer something small in return for a check-in such as free wi-fi or a coffee upgrade or discount off your product or services.
  • Ensure you respond to every review. If someone takes the time to review your business, give them the decency of a response.  And if it is a negative review (though we hope it isn’t) then take the time to address their concerns. Remember, they may not necessarily be right, but they do want to be heard.  Let them know you are listening.

How Can This Get Any Better?

Bonus Points if you can encourage your customers to not only check in but to check in and post a photo or series of photos!  

Trust me, a check-in with photos attached (or even better video) will catch the attention of friends and is more likely to draw attention to your business!  Winning!

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