Website Content Tips

In an increasingly saturated online marketplace, it is getting harder and harder for companies to stand out from the competition. The question is: How do you get your brand to stand out in a world where the average consumer is bombarded with 5,000 advertisements per day? The answer is through content curation and creation. Many companies fail at this because they do not have a consistent content strategy that attracts consumers to your brand. Any sustainable content strategy relies on keyword research, original content and making your readers feel something are all key to content tips for any businesses’ website. These website content tips will help any business.

Keyword Research

Along with content marketing and link building, keyword research is among the most important factors in SEO. It can make the difference between a website that gets volumes of search engine traffic as opposed to one that gets none. What makes this critical to your website is the fact that users and search engines depend on keywords in order to locate your website. You want visitors to your website that you are looking for. If you get random visitors, they are unlikely to make any conversions.

It is the process of researching and choosing words and phrases that users will search for, which directly relate to your business, services or products. It is next to impossible to optimize for your website until you know what words and phrases are most important for your website to rank for. That makes it impossible to start your content strategy to help draw the right kind of traffic. Ignoring this step could deal a body blow to your company’s content strategy and take a while to get everything in order before you start seeing results. A mistake that can be tempting to make is keyword stuffing your content with similar words.

The Consequences of Keyword Stuffing 

Keyword stuffing is a black-hat tactic that has serious penalties for your website. While it may work in the short-run it can cause long-term damage to your reputation that can take a while to undo. If you are caught, Google will penalize your website with. One possible consequence is having your web page demoted in rankings, or even removed entirely. Google loathes tactics such as SEO keyword stuffing because those methods focus on beating the algorithm rather than creating a great user experience. Google’s purpose is to make the user experience as seamless and intuitive as possible. It’s essential to differentiate keyword stuffing from ordinary keyword usage.

Creating A Customer Journey

Before you can relate to your readers, you need to understand them.  Creating a customer journey is easily the most overlooked content tip. The easiest way to do this is by creating buyer personas that represent the people you’ll typically find in your target audience. You can do this by collecting information through the following means: Look at customer feedback. Or you could conduct surveys and  Interview buyers. Engaging with your audience on social media and looking for feedback will provide you with valuable intel. Take Look at your analytics to see who is visiting your site.

These tactics will help you understand what motivates your customers and what motivates them and why. This valuable information will empower you to relate to them within that first couple of sentences. By putting yourself in their shoes and relating to them, and you will be in the position to instantly capture their emotions in the process. Content should be composed of both words and visual elements. Both of these should paint a clear picture in your reader’s mind. Your word choice will call to mind specific experiences for your readers. These experiences are associated with emotions. using concrete terms and vocabulary that is relatable to your audience’s hopes and desires, you will be able to create images that then connect to experiences in your reader’s memory. That will cause them to relate to your company’s brand and build loyalty in the process.


Content strategy is so much more than simply publishing content here there. Above all, a sustainable strategy requires meticulous research, planning, and execution. Ask yourself which audience do you want to serve? Once you have an idea fill have an idea of the customer journey you want to share with your audience. Then find out what motivates them and sell them their hopes and dreams. Building a relationship with them is what will put your company on top and ensure that you will have loyal customers in good times and bad. Building such a relationship requires consistency in every facet of your content strategy. These website content tips will ensure great results.